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About me

If you happen to be interested, that is...

I'm a teacher. Apparently. That is, I stand up in front of a lab full of children and they believe what I tell them. Mostly.

I'm an artist. Or I try to be. You can judge that if you like, but then I firmly believe that everyone can draw.

I'm a sister. Five times over. I feel lucky, but I'm almost certain that I don't know quite how lucky I really am.

I'm a girlfriend. I've been going out with 'Shed' for nearly 4 years when I write this. His website is He's pretty awesome.

I'm a cook. That's more of a hobby/necessity than anything else. I make awesome meringues, according to my mother.

I'm an actress. Strictly amateur, like with most things in my life. I still dream that one day I will play Mary Poppins or Eva Peron in the West End.